Q. How hard is the Ookami Gold® to use?

A. With Wolff’s specially designed shears-lock clamp and arm assembly, sharpening a shear on the Ookami Gold® is easy. The clamp holds the shear at the proper angle and the arm keeps the shear aligned with each wheel throughout the sharpening process.

Q. How long do the wheels last?

A. The 800 Diamond sharpening wheel will last roughly 1 to 3 years depending on use. The polishing wheel will last about a year, maybe a little longer. These are rough estimates. The amount of pressure used when sharpening plays a big role in this.

Q. How many times can a shear be sharpened on the Ookami Gold®?

A. Most shears can be sharpened about one third of the way into each blade.

Q. How will I know when it’s time to change a wheel?

A. It is time to replace diamond wheel when you can see the diamond coating has worn off the metal hub. The polishing wheel needs to be replaced when the outer edges become to flared, or when the glue gives out and a split forms in the middle of the wheel.