800 Grit Diamond Wheel

Cool cutting, fast removal of metal while sharpening, long life; this wheel has it all! It is the finest tool for sharpening scissors and shears on the market.


Ookami Gold Polishing Wheel

This polyphenolic resin bonded wheel is specially designed to work in conjunction with Wolff’s Ookami Gold Polishing Compound. The combination of the compound and the pliability of the wheel makes creating a cosmetically appealing, razor sharp edge quick and easy.


Ookami Gold Sharpening Arm

The free-floating arm assembly attached to the Ookami Gold Scissor Sharpening System allows you to make passes along the edgeof your shear, and allows you to follow all manufacturers’ edge radiuses.


Ookmai Gold Sharpening Clamp

The Clamp that comes with your Ookmai Gold Sharpening Unit will allow you to set a multitude of angles from 0 to over 55 degrees. This sharpening clamp will help you hold an exact angle throughout the process of sharpening your shear.